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Posted on 10-Oct-2018
by Carolyn Calder Vadeboncoeur from Charlotte Vermont USA

Lovely photos and website that my brother Jim and his wife Ginger shared with me. So happy to connect with you and our cousin Katherine! Come take photos of our beautiful Vermont!

Posted on 02-May-2018
by les park from aberdeen

love you work particularly the shots in and around lossie one of my favorite places

Posted on 20-Oct-2017
by Russell Sherwood from Isle of Skye

Beautiful and inspirational work Jim - I came across your website whilst researching for my first photography trip to the Moray Firth - probably the first of many!! I live and work on the Isle of Skye as a full time landscape photographer but as in recent years the photographic popularity of this wonderful island has increased I’m looking to new and lesser known locations for inspiration.

Posted on 25-Sep-2017
by Aileen Scoular from London

I love the texture and detail within your images, and how those are then softened by an almost ethereal colour effect. Really beautiful images.

Posted on 26-Oct-2016
by Jess Petrie from Stockholm

Stunning work - what a talent!

Posted on 09-Jun-2016
by John McKerrell from Troon Ayrshire

Your images have magic. They are honest, uncontrived and show real inventiveness in bringing out Scottish atmosphere. They are timeless and can`t go out of fashion.

Posted on 04-Apr-2016
by Ulrike Bräuer-Higel from Donaueschingen/Germany

It is such a pleasure to watch your photographs. I love them very much and Scotland too. Love Riki

Posted on 09-Dec-2015
by Catherine Allan from Lossiemouth/Edinburgh

Fabulous photos, dear cousin. But I'm biased.

Posted on 03-Aug-2015
by Ruth Grindrod from Suffolkm

I really like your work particularly the intimate landscape shots

Posted on 07-Nov-2014
by Bert Vliegen from Den Helder, Netherlands

Hi, just want to say that I really like the way you shoot landscapes and nature!

Posted on 04-Nov-2014
by Ian Cameron from Forres

Hi Jim Love your new work Jim you really have stepped up to another level. Your work is consistently gorgeous and your portfolio breadth is broadening very nicely. Keep it going. Doubtless I shall stumble across you at the same location some day soon

Posted on 15-Oct-2014
by Clive J Maclennan from Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

Going through some old contacts on Flickr and found your website. As always you come up with beautiful pictures of places that have always fascinated me and you turn them into works of art, I love how you do it and may you keep on doing it. Best regards, Clive.

Posted on 05-Aug-2014
by Val Tomkins

Love your photography Jim and, yes, I would never have seen this even if I had been standing next to you when you took the shots. Ben loves his canvas which now has pride of place on his wall.

Posted on 04-Aug-2014
by Maureen Halkett from Lossiemouth

Really impressed with the photographs, some really stunning and unusual prints. Looking forward to seeing more in the future.

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