Tide - East Beach

Lossiemouth, Moray, Scotland.

< > Tide - East Beach

Walking is an integral part of landscape photography and some walks stay in ones mind more than others. On the morning I made this photograph I remember walking across the footbridge over the River Lossie. The old bridge facilitates access to the East beach at Lossiemouth where dynamic sand dunes stretch uninterrupted to the East and along the coast for miles. I was stopped in my tracks half way across the bridge as an intense pre-dawn colour shift seemed to lift every colour to an intensity which I had never witnessed before. Running now across the bridge and up onto the dunes I tried to find a composition and capture the moment but the colour intensity had quickly reduced and the moment was lost. The image which you see here was made some 30 minutes later at 0445. By that time I was down on the beach amongst the incoming tide and, although it is a photograph I think stands on it's own and is an image that I like, it will always remember me of those intense colours, the dash along the bridge and that lost moment. Some walks you never forget!