Findhorn, Moray, Scotland.
Findhorn, Moray, Scotland.

I have a fascination for beaches. In fact any area that is in close proximity to the sea is where I like to be and is where I feel at home. The photograph I chose as 'Image of the month' for September 2014 was made at Findhorn in Moray and likewise this image was also made there. I tend to revisit locations again and again as beaches and shorelines are never the same. Combine the tidal changes with variants in wave speed, weather in general and changes in light and one can have a different subject and composition at every tide. The image I've chosen here for October hopefully illustrates that. A different day, a different tide, different weather and different light but both photographs made from virtually the same location but resulting in two distinctly different photographs. Maybe 'Been there, done that' sometimes just doesn't ring true!

Camera: Nikon D800
Lens: Nikkor 16 – 35mm f4/G at 24mm
ISO: 100
Exposure: f5.6   1/60 sec.

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