Findhorn, Moray, Scotland.
Findhorn, Moray, Scotland.

Just over two years ago I spent the best part of a day on a one to one workshop under the watchful eye of professional landscape photographer Ian Cameron. I learned several things during that day but, maybe surprisingly to some, non of them were really of what one would call a technical nature. The dawn and sunset times of a day are of course favoured by landscape photographers so imagine my disappointment at arriving on Findhorn beach at 0400 and being greeted with heavy cloud and light drizzle! However Ian explained that, although we were not able to view any spectacular colours or indeed even see the sun, there would still be a visible colour shift at sunrise. Sure enough that happened and the photograph I've chosen above, which was made at that time, hopefully illustrates that. Maybe there really is a 'magic hour'!

The work of Ian Cameron can be viewed here.

Camera: Nikon D800
Lens: Nikkor 16 – 35mm f4/G at 16mm
ISO: 50
Exposure: f13   2.5secs.

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