Clashach Cove, Moray, Scotland.
Clashach Cove, Moray, Scotland.

I can never stay away from Clashach Cove near Hopeman for long and visited the area yesterday. When there it struck me that there is always a new composition to deal with and another photograph to make in the location and that is something I'm thankful for. The sand and pebbles in the cove change with the tides of course. The base rock erodes and changes as well but in a different time-scale as it erodes and changes very slowly and it would take millions of years before any perceivable changes would be noted. Changes which can never be seen!

Camera: Nikon D800
Lens: Nikkor 16 – 35mm f4/G at 16mm
ISO: 100
Exposure: f16  1/3 sec.